Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bad habits of eating

        On Friday Feb. 19, 2016; I was in the mood for Chinese food. Even with the knowledge of knowing that Chinese food has high sodium and that too much sodium is not good for your body, I went anyway. Before Friday I was doing very well with losing weight but my love for Chinese food took over and I lost the battle with this bad habit that I have. I want to let you know that it is okay we all have bad habits. 
I started my challenge the beginning of the year, was doing very well with it but when I weighed myself Friday I was very aggravated with myself knowing I weighed in at 200 pounds.  I know I got to work harder to get back down to that 190 and reach my goal of 170 pounds.  This was a minor setback but I am still going to work hard to reach my goal and I want to be your coach and to help you reach your goals also. Just to let you know that if you have ever messed up its okay we will just keep on moving and keep on shooting for that goal.
This is my before and after  Right now.  
 From to 205 to 190.                                       

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