Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My vision for the future

My vision for the future.

     What my idea of a perfect day. Would be waking up around 8:30 to 9 o'clock having an awesome breakfast. My idea breakfast would be scrambled eggs with toast butter toast at that. Country ham plus gravy and grits.  But PS since I'm a nutritionist coach I know I could not have this on a regular basis. But since I could not have that I would take my awesome protein shake and my herbal tea.  

     Plus go to the gym workout for about 2 hours. Then after that go home start up my jet skis and be on the jet skis for a little while.  Maybe after I do that for a little while go take a nice walk on the beach. At my beach house. Look up in the sky and just enjoy what God has given to us. The greatest thing at the beach is just enjoying the walk on the beach and enjoying the wind blowing.  All together I love the beach between the wind and water the environment I just cannot say enough how much I love the beach.

     Then after that enjoy the rest of my day just resting chilling having fun and hanging out with my friends maybe go watch a movie just enjoying life.

And that is the kind of life that I enjoy.

3th day of the 10 day Freedom plan challenge

#10DBC #freedomplan

Stephen Harris


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why Do I Want to Live The Freedom Lifestyle

Why Do I Want to Live The Freedom Lifestyle

     This is day 2 of my 10 day freedom plan challenge. Why do I want to live this freedom lifestyle. Because I will able to help more people. Because from the beginning of having to work a Job. I have always hated working for someone else knowing that I can work for myself and for me to receive the benefits. By having this freedom I’m able to help more people get the thing they want and return God will take care of me. 

     Now, my why is. Is to be able to have a six pack abs, even as a older man. To be very healthy plus have the financial freedom and in return, be able to help other people get their result in life also. I love people and I love helping them out as much as possible.

Stephen Harris

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Focus On What You Want.

Focus On What You Want.

     The challenges that I'm having to go through today are because of a break in I had in June of this year.  It cost me to get kicked out of my apartment and live in a hotel for 30 days.  It was really rough for me but now I am working on bouncing back.  Plus with this challenge that I'm having to go through has helped me be stronger.

     My second challenge is dealing with my financial.  From having to leave my apartment and moving into a hotel it really hurt my financial status.

     My 3rd challenge is having to deal with my car. There was at one point I was driving on a donut for almost a month. I do have 4 good tires on my car now.

     And all three of these challenges go hand-in-hand because of the break in had in June. There was a point of time that I was living good but when this can happen it turned my life upside down.  But with my focus on what I need to do.  It's going to help me get back on track with the life that I want.

     The lifestyle that I want for me is to have a beach house with a nice convertible BMW.

     Plus help as many people as I can financially and help them with their health.  I am a nutrition coach for an awesome company.

I'm doing a 10 Day Freedom Plan Challenge

Sunday, September 4, 2016


September 3, 2016

       Yesterday me and a friend went to the gym to work out to help him and myself get the results that were looking for.  He is going to head to the military and I'm building mine has shown people you can get results even on a budget.  




Stephen Harris


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bad habits of eating

        On Friday Feb. 19, 2016; I was in the mood for Chinese food. Even with the knowledge of knowing that Chinese food has high sodium and that too much sodium is not good for your body, I went anyway. Before Friday I was doing very well with losing weight but my love for Chinese food took over and I lost the battle with this bad habit that I have. I want to let you know that it is okay we all have bad habits. 
I started my challenge the beginning of the year, was doing very well with it but when I weighed myself Friday I was very aggravated with myself knowing I weighed in at 200 pounds.  I know I got to work harder to get back down to that 190 and reach my goal of 170 pounds.  This was a minor setback but I am still going to work hard to reach my goal and I want to be your coach and to help you reach your goals also. Just to let you know that if you have ever messed up its okay we will just keep on moving and keep on shooting for that goal.
This is my before and after  Right now.  
 From to 205 to 190.                                       

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stephen Harris Life's: The story about Stephen G. Harris

Stephen Harris Life's: The story about Stephen G. Harris: Hello Everyone,  This is the biography about me, Stephen Harris. I was born in a little town, Elkin, NC. I have 2 sister's and a half...

The story about Stephen G. Harris

Hello Everyone,

 This is the biography about me, Stephen Harris. I was born in a little town, Elkin, NC. I have 2 sister's and a half sister. My Father was a truck driver. My Mother was a hair designer for 20 plus years.
I myself, I have had a hard life. From birth I have been diagnosed with a disease called  Sturge-Weber syndrome.   

(What is Sturge-Weber Syndrome?  

 I have gone through this all my life. From people calling me bad names, beat on me and having no friends, all because of the way I look. I have tried all my life to show my self friendly. But, the world we live in, people do not care. Plus by having this, I get sick from time to time. It make's me very weak. I have to build my strength up every time this happens to me. This disease has "tried" to cripple me emotionally and psychically, but by the Grace of God I will triumph.   

 Plus at the of age of 5, my mom and dad got a divorce. My dad took my sister's and my mom took me. To one of my sister being rebellious.  Running from one parent to the other one. That was hard on me to see. Plus to find out that my dad thinks I'm not his. That has been hard for me to except. But I forgive him. I have not had a father figure at all my life. My Mother moved from town to town, job to job and I changed school so many times I lost count, it was hard to feel safe and secure. Also, I have had it hard all my life financially. 
I met my high school sweetheart in the 11th grade. We were marred for 10 years. I found myself working hard, being a devoted husband and Christian man. I then had to deal with more rejection when I had to face the reality that my wife was having an affair. As life went on and I dealt with the emotional scares from my past then the marriage was gone too. We had it very hard trying to make ends meet. Living pay check to pay check. My wife's brother helped us out many times. The marriage was going bad very quick. After 10 year of that marriage the marriage was dissolved. 

  I found my new wife in the church I attend. We dated for 1 year, then we got married. As the years went by, we were happy for a little while, then from me losing my job in 2008, my wife losing her too.Things got harder financially. We had to move several times. I lost my car, we work hard to keep. We had more arguments over money then we had good. We tried over and over to make this marriage work. I tried hard to be a father figure to her son. He did not want us to get married. I tried for the 6 years we were married to be there for her son. He just would stay in his room all the time.  Then for the last year she was in her's. She found out that she had Breast Cancer. She was doing great for a long time then the pain started  to bother her really bad. When she thought everything was good, it move to her back, then her liver. Within 2 weeks she was gone. Her liver shut down, the doctor said there we nothing else they could do to help.  I lost my wife in November 23, 2012. Now all I have is me and my wonderful, kind and best advocate in the world; my sister Donna. My wife passing, is the reason why I do nutrition. I want to help people live a long and healthy life. Now I go to the gym on a regular basis. I try to eat healthy. I what to live a long life. 

 Now this is the start of my new life. My goal is to help people attain a long and healthy life. I have my own Nutrition business called Herbalife. The mission is to give people the best nutrition they can ever have. I want to be that person to help you have that great, healthy nutritional life. To have High-quality products that combine the best of Science and Nature for better nutrition made simple. A proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their life's dreams, goals and ambitions. In closing, I want to thank you for reading my biography and taking the time to discover what Herbalife has done for me and what Herbalife can do for you.