Saturday, September 17, 2016

Focus On What You Want.

Focus On What You Want.

     The challenges that I'm having to go through today are because of a break in I had in June of this year.  It cost me to get kicked out of my apartment and live in a hotel for 30 days.  It was really rough for me but now I am working on bouncing back.  Plus with this challenge that I'm having to go through has helped me be stronger.

     My second challenge is dealing with my financial.  From having to leave my apartment and moving into a hotel it really hurt my financial status.

     My 3rd challenge is having to deal with my car. There was at one point I was driving on a donut for almost a month. I do have 4 good tires on my car now.

     And all three of these challenges go hand-in-hand because of the break in had in June. There was a point of time that I was living good but when this can happen it turned my life upside down.  But with my focus on what I need to do.  It's going to help me get back on track with the life that I want.

     The lifestyle that I want for me is to have a beach house with a nice convertible BMW.

     Plus help as many people as I can financially and help them with their health.  I am a nutrition coach for an awesome company.

I'm doing a 10 Day Freedom Plan Challenge

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